The 7 Free WordPress Hosting You Need to Know

The free WordPress hosting is an alternative to start ups to get a first web hosting for less. Because on first year, you can try if the business goes good or if it goes bad and have to close your entrepreneurship. Another reason to choose WordPress hosting is the free license of this platform to build your website and get a cyber-presentation so quickly.

Here I’ll show you the best alternative to choose your best free wordpress hosting to get a good start up with possibility to arrange the second year with the same web hosting dealer and you won’t loose your website and data from it. Come on to read all the article.

Which is the Best free WordPress Hosting

The best free wordpress hosting is that offer to small business an opportunity to develop their business. Because it will grow little by little and will need more space an resources to put more information from the company and put more services and products to show their customers.

If you want to get a free wordpress hosting for personal reasons then there are lots of options so as to have a domain name and limited space to host your site at no cost.

The Benefits of Best Web Hosting

With all these alternatives to pick from, you may be tempted to consider one of many free wordpress hosting services out there. We show you here the seven web hosting services that offer free wordpress hosting to you can choose one. A best alternative to you and your priorities.

  • That’s clear, the best internet hosting solution will differ for every one of us. A great deal of individuals are looking for free or inexpensive, higher excellent wordpress hosting services now days.
  • The main benefit of a lot of these free web hosting services are that offer free space, database, cpanel, backups and restores and others kind of services. Obviously not all companies offer the same quantity or features on their service. But there are many companies that offer a competitive service that you can get without any struggles and use it easily.
  • On the flip side, when your free web hosting get more traffic you also should not need to pay your free wordpress hosting provider an extra quantity of money for bandwidth. Now, as soon as you are dealing with World Wide Web you want to be quite fast.

What Companies offering Free WordPress Hosting?

It’s time to show you, here you get the so appreciate free wordpress hosting, on this tiem, I offer you a bundle of them 7 web hostings exactly, the most representative web hostings services for free.

  1. 000webhost
  2. Infinity Free
  3. Award Space
  4. x10hostings
  5. Freehostia
  6. FreeHostingNoAds
  7. Byet Host

Just We begingin with 000webhosting.


000webhost offers a solid platform that you can use to run a functional WordPress site, but you don’t get too much traffic on this site. Others features bellow:

Hostinger offer this web hosting platform like a free wordpress service. It is a hook product a good marketing strategy to drive you to to you towards Hostinger’s premium hosting package.

The Features of Web Hosting

  • You can host up till two websites for free
  • Softaculous wordpress installer by a one-click
  • Lets you have a full database and FTP access
  • You can custom-built hosting dashboard to manage your sites
  • It has 1 GB of storage
  • Only 3 GB of bandwidth
  • If you don’t want to use wordpress you can use afree website builder
  • No ads


  • Easy customization of your own web site through control panel, just in a few clicks can installs wordpress and others features like database and others configurations.
  • The user can buy a domain name from hostinger or use your own domain. Also he can use a free subdomain from 000webhost.
  • Set up and host two free websites on one place.


  • First of all, this webhosting service no offer email support. You wont be able to get email with your own domain name.
  • The web hosting dashboard almost all options on there, are filled with prompts to upgrade to premium plans of hostinger.
  • if your hosting exceed the free disk space — you will get only one warning, after that your website is gone for good — you couldn’t recovering your data anymore.

Are you want to use 000webhost?

If you have a company and you are looking for a web hosting, 000webhost is not a great option for you.

By the way, it is great for users who want a full-service hosting experience for free, without any payment.

How to Use 000webhost File Manager

You can use file manager very easy, just enter to free cpanel webbrowser based and navigate over all web site files. To upload files on ypur free 000webhost service you can do the next:

There are two main ways of uploading files to your free web hosting service:

The first option – using the browser-based file manager. This tool allows you to navigate, upload and delete files on your web server. You can access this feature through your control panel.

The second option is using FTP. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. These services allow you to conveniently manage your files in a similar way to a file manager.

From FAQ 000webhost

Infinity Free

One of the best free web hosting, offer unlimited space and bandwidth (but you’ll have a 50,000 hit per day). They said have more than 300,000 users on their free service. You don’t have support about problems with your site only FAQ will help to respond your answers.

They can provide 99.9% uptime on their free web host service. And it is not only great carachteristic, there are more, they provide for free DNS service, Cloudflare CDN and SSL. Do you want more? Here bellow more features from this service:

Features of InfinityFree

  • Get an unlimited storage hosting
  • Beside an unlimited bandwidth with limited to 50,000 daily hits
  • Just 1-click WordPress installer, plus a script installer for 400+ other tools
  • Use your own custom domain name or choose from 25 free subdomains
  • Offer 10 email accounts
  • 400 MySQL databases
  • PHP 7.3 support
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • SSL certificate
  • Ad free


  • Great features like DNS Service, Cloudflare CDN and SSL for free.
  • Provide 99.99% uptime for all websites
  • Unlimited Disk space and Bandwidth
  • 10 emails account with your domain name.


They not offer customer support on free service. If your service down or your website goes down, just only need to wait that it fixed alone.

How to Install WordPress in Infinityfree

It is very easy, due all infinityfree package coming with softaculous with more than 400 apps ready to install on your free web hosting service.

Just coming to Softacoulous, search CMS applications or Blog Applications and follow the steps to install WordPress on new free web site.

Like you can see the Infinityfree wordpress install service is the best way to have your WordPress ready to your blog.

infinityfree cloudflare ssl

Award Space

Another company within our analysis that offer any dowtime to their free customers. It is a good web hosting quality, almost 99.9% uptime. Offer one email account, spam protection and customer support for free.

Beside, Award Space offer up to 5000 visits per month and host up to 4 websites, with your domain name and 3 subdomains. Intiuitive control panel can manage file manager and MySQL Database and your email account.

Features of AwardSpace

  • Award space offer a custom hosting control panel
  • Lets you Host up to 4 websites
  • Award space offer 1 GB storage free for up to 4 websites
  • It has a full MySQL database support
  • Users can set up their own domain or up to 3 free subdomains
  • One email account and email hosting
  • Users will have limited traffic to 5 GB bandwidth monthly
  • No show ads on your site.
  • One-click to install WordPress on the host
  • Offer a Web-based file manager


Full support on Mysql database area

No advertising from the host company


Just only get one email account to your website

Low quantity of bandwidth to 4 websites on your host

You don’t have Cpanel to get full control of the server


x10hosting said to provide disk space and unlimited bandwidth, you can upgrade your site without any problems whenever you want. It is very important carachteristic from all of this free services web hosting, they offer upgrade instantly to a premium cost service.

How like all free wordpress hosting, it comes with some restrictions that you need to know to make oyur decision. Decision about what is the web hosting service that is more convinience for your objectives.

Features of x10Hosting

  • X10hostings offer 2 different hosting dashboards :
    • cPanel software or
    • A custom Hosting dashboard
  • They have mounted service in the Cloud with SSD 512 MB of storage (it can increase)
  • Offer unlimited bandwidth
  • You will geet a full server access
  • Just One-click to install WordPress
  • It lets you set up domain name in 2 ways:
    • Use subdomain or
    • Your own custom domain name


It offer a cloud based instraestructure that allow you get a good response time using the free service.

You can access to all services on the server thanks it has cpanel installed on free wordpress hosting service wihtout cost.

X10hostings offer a good service of free webhosting without downtimes allow you to show your website without any problem.


Small size to your website, just 512Mb is too small against other alternatives analysed here.

The same case to the bandwidth in many cases this resource is offering unlimited by competition.

Not offer email hosting to your website, then you can not offer your business card with your email website account.


Freehostia offer free wordpress hosting with the option to upgrade to best service like premium plan later.

It is one of popular free web hosting service in the industry, but it is limited, it has 6gb bandwidth traffic monthly and 250mb of storage on the server. It has 24/7 support. You can get one of this free web hosting so easy just for one click.

Features of Freehostia

  • You can host 5 Domain Names totally free
  • Your space on disk is 250 MB
  • It has 3 Email Accounts
  • In this case your storage to database are separately from web data. It is 10 MB in MySQL Database
  • You can call Customer Support on 24/7
  • Freehostia give you 6GB bandwidth Monthly Traffic


  • Easy to use with an excellent Dashboard. You can setup your web hosting on easy way.
  • It has a software where you can install any application just by one-click.
  • A good customer support for 24/7 for free web hosting service.


  • Small storage for your web site. It is a strong limit to upload more image and information from your business.
  • Besides it has small storage to MySQL database, just 10Mb.
  • The same thing happens with bandwidth, it is so little quantity and it goes down quickly.


First of all, this company offer free hosting since 2010, just his name said offer free web hosting without advertising. They have a medium position offer in the market, becuase you’ll receive 1 Gb of disk space and 5Gb of bandwidth for traffic, can set up your own domain name and subdomain.

Regarding configuration, it is so easy to create an account and install in one-click wordpress application from pre-installed software in the server.

Features of Free Hosting No Ads

  • No advertising show on your website from host povider
  • You can not exceed of 5 GB bandwidth traffic
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Get 1 GB disk storage space on the server
  • Can use your own custom domain name or get a free subdomain
  • Get one email accounts


Can configurate your own email account

Get good enough space to your wordpress site

They offer a web hosting service free advertising


  • Small bandwidth quantity just 5 gb to your website
  • One problems is it no offer uptime gauarantee to free webhosting services
  • Customer Support service is limited

About FreeHostingNoAds

If you think is a good decision go visit the website.

Byet Host

Byet it is another company that offers wordpress hosting. But it is not any web hosting service, Byet offers some of the most generous free hosting plans around when it gives storage and bandwidth unlimited.

I would like to invited to you to see the Byet Host

Features of Byet web Hosting Service

  • Byet Host offer an unlimited disc space service, but take in consideration that you have a max file size of 10 MB for individual files.
  • This free wehhostsing offer a good feature, unlimited bandwidth
  • It depends on you to use a free subdomain or your own custom domain.
  • Just install WordPress by one-click on your host.
  • Intuitive dashboard supply by VistaPanel hosting dashboard
  • Up to 5 Emails addresses on your free web hosting
  • You get Full access via FTP server
  • Really good, unlimited MySQL databases
  • One of the most importatn feature, no ads on your hosting.


You can get 5 emails account and email hosting in Byet.Host

Another free wordpress hosting that not publish advertising on your website

It has a good dashboard from Vista Panel

Your files upload so fast thanks to softaculous script installer.


Your file can not exceed 10mb, It means don’t get large emails accounts, need to purge the information.

It doesn’t support many visitors to your web site. Due performance would go down with the numbers of visitors increasing day by day.

About Byet Host

Good offer with Unlimited disk space and unlimited Bandwidth, you will get more visitors without problems of downtimes. If it is your decision go to visit Byet Host.

Byethost WordPress Install

Don’t woory about the process to install wordpress, just need to follow the instructions step by step when you are

Comparison of 7 Free Hosting Services

000webhost Infinity FreeAward Spacex10hostingsFreeHostiaFreeHostingNoAdsByet.Host
Disk Space1 Gb Unlimited1 Gb512 Mb250 Mb1 Gb Unlimited
Bandwidth10 Gb Unlimited5 GBUnlimited 6 GB5 GB Unlimited
Email HostingNoYes(10)Yes(1)NoYes(3)Yes(1)Yes(5)
Install WordPress1-click 1-click 1-click 1-click 1-click1-click 1-click
MySQL Databases214111 Unlimited
Own DomainYes111111
Website Host2141111
Clodflare CDNNoYes NoNoNoNoNo
Customer Support No YesNoYesYesYes
Support PHP 7.xYesYesYesYes YesNoYes


  • The 000webhost alternative is one of interesting because offer many services, but the disk space is limited, a web site with more than One (1) Gb needs to be relocated on payment service. You can’t get any E-mail account on this service. It’s a strong issue to small and mediom entrepeneurs.
  • Sooner or later you could choose to modify web hosts, the present hosting company might or might not release your domain name.
  • List your priorities and characteristics that you desire to enhance your site.
  • If you’re uncomfortable with coding, start looking for an internet host that enables you preview their site builder before you register for an account. Your internet host usually supplies a site builder that assists you to build basic pages and add content easily.
  • An excellent hosting company ought to have a simple to use website to produce your web hosting experience as straightforward as possible.
  • Most web hosts offer a file manager that enables you to upload, download and alter the files necessary for your website from an internet control panel.
  • All free web hosting service offer you a free wordpress subdomain hosting, you can have al least 1 subdomain on the 7 whe hosting for free.
  • All of 7 wordpress hostings mentioned here are “free wordpress hosting no ads”

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