The Technology You Need

A web hosting or web hosting service allows your company to stand out and be visible throughout the world. Therefore, this blog seeks to bring many of these concepts closer to the normal user, who consumes social networks, and uses the network more every day for their daily life.

A good and reliable hosting service will ensure that all your potential clients see your Website and thus solve all your problems that afflict your company due to not having your website.

It doesn’t matter if you are big or small, being on the Internet today is more than enough for your company to start having the exponential sales it needs.

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That’s right, we are part of a group that offers network connectivity services, marketing services and promotion of your business through web design and promotion of your business services on social networks and more.

We are your business ally, we will be the technological partner you need to solve your connectivity problems with your potential clients.

In this way we can increase your sales and scale your business to the top. You just need to get in touch and you will see everything we will do for you.

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It is a service that gives you disk space on a server on the Internet. In addition, granting you other facilities, such as: Emails, databases, security certificates, FTP accounts, control panel and others.

The server allows you to display your website using HTML and other languages such as PHP, Javascript, JSON, Bootstrap, etc.

It must be associated with your web domain so that it points directly to your page and you can display all the information about your company.

What is Web Hosting000?

Being clear that it is Web Hosting, I will explain to you what web hosting000 is. This is a free web hosting, for which you receive little disk space and few services.

Although lately, there are very large companies that offer this down payment service so that you can acquire another one with greater and better features.

But be careful with what I’m going to tell you…

This type of web hosting services is not recommended if you want to grow quickly. Since they limit your services and charge you for each additional service you require. And these are several when your page and emails increase.

The most important thing is that if your information is lost you have no right to claim, backup copies cannot be made. Complaining about the service they give you is not an option. So you are practically left in the air, as they say.

What you need is a trustworthy web hosting, which gives you all the guarantees of permanent use. Here we recommend one of the best companies, whose strengths are total support for its clients, permanent technical support, recommending you.

Services that Web Hosting Offers You

Essentially, web hosting services must have 3 main elements to be able to offer clients a tool with which they can solve their problems, generate income that you deserve and stand up to your Competition.

These are the elements that we offer through web Conection. All of this, as part of the corporate group to which we belong:

Control Panel

Cpanel Control Panel with which you can manage the entire website and install more than 100 LPG applications to use immediately. WordPress, moodle, Email, CMR and more.

Corporate Emails

Corporate emails allow you to officially communicate from your company to your clients, improving your presence and good name of your company on the Internet.


You will have more databases in our services to be able to install several groups of applications so that they work within your web hosting, you can use subdomains.

Web hosting services go beyond the borders of America and are offered throughout the world. This is how all the web hosting services we offer are in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru and Spain.

In all these countries the same quality and price is offered, considering the Dollar as the standard currency, being very accessible and economical.