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The topic that we will cover in this blog is Graphic Design, a fundamental part of a well-crafted web design. That is why we must know when to apply the design within our website and ensure that it is in accordance with the trends of the moment.

The impression that the web design of a page should convey must make a positive impression on the visiting user and must attract their attention completely.

In this way, the website offers an image that generates the necessary trust to continue reviewing its contents.

Taking into account that recent studies have shown that users judge web pages by their visual impact. Which is generated as a result of graphic design.

One of the services that Web Conection offers its clients is web graphic design. Which within a web page is of great importance.

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The Visual Aspect of Web Design

An important element within the design is the visual appearance that it generates on a website. This is very important because it allows you to impact users, generating an image of seriousness and thus impressing a feeling of trust in them.

Therefore, the popular adage “The first impression is what counts” is fully fulfilled. Since users often think that if a website is not well presented and designed, the company will not be trustworthy, since it is not interested in showing itself with the appropriate quality.

In the side image we see how the author, through the visual aspect, transmits a feeling towards a career or profession. But the interesting thing is that the design is oriented towards a purpose. The definition of how to get there is full of nuances and interpretations.
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New Trends in Graphic Web Design

Since the use of hypertext to create web pages, web graphic design has been evolving year after year. This can be seen in the creation of platforms to design, which are on the web. The fence has been lowered so that many people can dedicate themselves to capturing their graphic designs more easily.

These platforms are on the web and in many cases with little knowledge it is possible to make a design or use one already made. At Web Conection we make it even easier so that you just have to shake your head and accept our design proposals for your company.

In this sense and by applying technological advances, in our web designs we have shortened the design process times and complete your projects faster. All this with your approval.

Very Important Points within Web Design

To achieve a good design that meets the objectives set out above, we consider the following points:

Define objectives clearly

Like everything in life, if it is planned it goes better. That is why defining the objectives allows us to better structure the design.

This being the first step to take into account, it is essential not to leave it aside.

Since before designing, it is important that the objectives, expectations and results that we hope to achieve with the design of the website are defined together with the client.

Once the objectives are defined, it is much easier to move forward, since we will already know what our client requires exactly. This way we will save downtime and the design will be more efficient. If you need more information, send us the contact form.

Work the Content

Clearly elaborate the theme of the web pages we are designing.

Here we must take into account four very important questions. What to elaborate? How to do it? Where to do it? and why do it?

These 4 questions help you optimize content. In addition, it allows you to reach the information that you must place on your web pages more quickly.

This point is entirely up to the client and we must consider it before preparing any sketch or layout of the design.

Develop Wireframes

This is a way to outline the website. This technique helps us to give it structure and organization.

It is usually done freehand. Although there are already tools on the Web that can be used.

With this element, our company establishes the hierarchies and navigation scheme of the website. It is a very generic layout, since only the content is considered.

Menu layout, menu types, places where the information and images will go.

The content of the entire website will be presented in these wireframes, which will be evaluated and approved by the client.

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Web Design Layout

Once we have the skeleton defined and approved, it is time to dress it and give it a visual aesthetic. This point in the process is where our creativity and common sense will have to come out. For this we have to take into account several aspects:

Always consider your company colors. To choose the best ones you have the online tool “Adobe Color CC” there we will find a wide range of colors to choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Website Fonts

It is always important that they have 2 different fonts: one in titles and the other in the body of text. Fonts must be legible and dynamic. You can see them in Google fonts and choose the models.

Use of Graphic Icons

We use icons to give importance to certain points of the text. Those that we are going to highlight so that the user can identify them more quickly and above all to improve the design of your website.

Image distribution

Currently you have many options for free images for commercial use. It is true that you will find the payment options very suitable as well. You have both options to choose from and they are both very good.

To this end, Web Hosting Conection defines the work team that will participate in the design of your website and begins the layout of the entire project in HTML and HTML5 code, CSS, Javascript and PhP.

What do we offer you for your Web Design?

First of all, tell you that once our company has completed the design of your website, it begins the development and programming stage.

In this new stage, tools such as HTML, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, JQuery, Javascript and PhP in versions 5x to 7x will be used.

Finally, don’t worry, we know how to do it and soon with your approval we will be delivering your pages ready, with the design and content that your company deserves.

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