The Wonderful Cloud Computing Technology

Cloud technology or Cloud Technology is not only fashionable, it is a global trend. This technology is leading the change in computer services and is generating a technological revolution. How does it work? Very easy, this allows you to place applications and programs on servers outside your company.

Here you will also have a guide to them and what the new trends are in this IT technology. You will also know why this technology is called to change the software paradigms that we know until now.

Our company also offers this technology and any questions you may have about how this technology works, you can clarify them here.

What is Cloud Technology?

The concept of cloud technology is very simple. It is a technology where all the services provided to the user are done directly from the Internet.

Consider that it is a new software trend, which is aimed at working centrally on the Internet.

Software and databases will be in the cloud, applications will run directly from the service provider’s server, removing the load on personal computer hard drives.

The only problem with this technology is that we must always be connected to the Internet.

What are the Advantages of Using it?

These are the main advantages of using Cloud technology within our business:

  • System scalability: Thus, this technology allows companies to effectively and quickly expand their IT departments.
  • Efficiency and savings in IT systems: By using cloud infrastructure, we do not have to spend large amounts of money on purchasing and maintaining equipment.
  • Application mobility: Cloud computing allows us to access corporate data through smartphones and other devices.
  • Computer data security: One of the main concerns of all companies is the security of their data.
  • Control of business systems and data: Having control over sensitive data is crucial for any business.
  • Disaster recovery: Cloud-based services provide fast data recovery for all types of cases.

How does the Cloud Work?

Its operation is simple, you must install a small application on your computer, tablet and mobile phones.

  • The software client that we are going to use. Every time we use this client, it will connect over the Internet to the cloud server.
  • This technology becomes a technology similar to a client-server program, where the transaction is sent to execute the task.
  • It is a similar operation to the terminal machines of a network. Of course, this represents a huge advantage for the end user, since they gain space on their disks and mobility.

In this way the work is completely centralized. All the information is managed from there through the internet.

The Types of Cloud or Cloud that Exist

Currently, in this technology there are three types of technologies that are applied within the cloud:

  • Hybrid Clouds: these are those that can be public or private and also include a local component. That is, part of the network work is done within the servers at the institution.
  • Public Clouds, for global use, those that are used at all levels on the Internet.
  • Private Clouds are those information architectures that are aimed at developing corporate solutions for mega companies.

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