Do you Know Managing Email Tips? Check 3 points about it

Your email address is your internet identity. You need to manage your emails efficient to avoid unproductive situations. Here 3 ways to manage your emails and don’t use much time a day that you should. Many people and professionals work only to respond emails every day. Continue reading and you can see that We will give you tips to take emails easy and get much more time for other kind of activities after checked them.

In this article we talk over 3 important points to review to forget the emails troubles on work. As you know, many professionals fall down in a deep sea of emails that they receive every month. I mean, they could receive a thousands of mail a day! It is not nice work like this. I don’t wish this situation for anyone. But it occurs frequently.

Our recommendation is you check these 3 points to work with emails since you read this article and you won’t have more emails problems again. They are:

  • Managing Emails
  • Organization Emails
  • Writing Emails

We start with 3 points right now.

Managing Email Tips

One important thing to work good with emails is managing them correctly. It is impossible try to process a lot emails at same time. Here some tips to you work and get the best results with emails:

  • Do not start the day with email, review at first your agenda and see what activities have programmed for today. The problem to check your emails at first consist in you’ll forget others scheduled for today and spend more time just reading emails.
  • Turn off alerts for new emails, take the emails easy, means you don’t need to pay attention every time when they arrive to your inbox, let it go so soft.
  • Create a simple email filing system, organize your inbox to classify information and read it separately.
  • Practice self-control, take in control your time, do not to respond the emails every 10 seconds, make a priority list to answer the mails that you receive along the day.

Try to focus on every email you read and organize them to respond every email that you read.

Email Organization Tips

Organize your emails creating a system to put through rules the emails on different folders. avoid feeling overwhelmed with too many email folders. We are taking the idea of Tim Hynes, an expert in these coaching topics to mention it here:

  • Action folder: Emails that will require more than two minutes of your time.
  • Waiting folder: Emails to which you are awaiting a reply.
  • Reading folder: Emails with interesting articles, journal articles, blogs – it’s like an email bookshelf.
  • Archive folder: Emails where no action is needed. Emails can be filed here and searched for when required.
  • Trash: Deleted emails that require no action.

This simple 5 folders can help to avoid overwhelmed you with email problems. What do you think about? Just reply this article. This folders you can apply to any email account that you have, it could be personal and obviously for email to work.

More Email Organization Tips

Here a brief list of tips that can help you to get some ideas to avoid that reading emails obsessed your mind:

  • Have a personal email account for family and friends
  • Create an email account to social and bulk information
  • Use only one email account to work
  • Don’t use all emails in same devices, separate them. Assign devices to special emails accounts
  • Make a prioritization list to read your emails account
  • Review only one email account at a time
  • Sort your emails using this kind of categories:
    • Urgent and important
    • Urgent and non-important
    • Non-urgent and important
    • Non-urgent and non-important

Writing Email Tips

When you write an email take in consideration a group of elements that you have to fill on right manner. It is important to be understood by email receiver.This parts of email are email to send the message, Subject of message and body or message. A correct use of them allow you to success using email like a strong communication tool.

Here I leave you a list of tips to write an emails using good manners to get success to communicate your messages to your audience:

  • Always Be polite on your communications by email.
  • Make good use of subject lines. Take in advantage to write a brief line.
  • Make your messages clear and brief.
  • You try don’t be overcommunicate by email.
  • Make a Proofread.
  • Check your message tone. Don’t be intrusive.

What do you think about? Soon I’ll show you these tips on new article and explain each other tips

Email Tips for Business

Here you 9 business tips to help you to make a successful business email, take all in consideration when you are writing your business email.

  • Start with an atractive and meaningful subject line, including key words on it.
  • Be careful, write the Appropriate Greeting.
  • Use an appropriate signature. it means, you must sign off With Your Contact Information
  • Keep the email concise and to the point
  • You have to be clear on the Purposes whit your email
  • Be thankful and kind in your email message.
  • Be always charismatic and very polite to whom read this message.
  • Always end the message with a Call to Action, if you can, it is the best way to finish your message.
  • Re-read the email several times to sure you are transmiting the correct message


  • Email is an expert necessity which makes it the prime platform for any sort of communication. The temptation to examine email is understandable. Email has come to be an essential distraction.
  • Follow the tips to manage, organize and write your emails to improve your productivity with your time and business.

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